Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Before & After Food ....of course there's Fun!

Oh we wouldn't engage in anything as mundane as hard court volley ball; or as seemingly ubiquitous (here in So Cal, at least) as beach volley ball...oh, no my dear friends...we're into swimming pool volley ball.

And with Many Thanks to Ricardo Montalbán Rogers ...we're able to play our fave game under glorious shade! Rick, part of the Holiday Extravaganza Advance Team, arrived early and installed a shade over the entire swimming pool ...Yea!

Here are some action photo's from one afternoon, with appreciation to Tim.
See if you can tell who thinks he's still "Karch Kiraly" at the net.

(Who remembers that I first met Kirk - Karch - McCrary playing volleyball & the funny story that goes along with that initial encounter?? No, just ask I'll tell ya, it's not that long ago!)

Of course there is a different style of play with swimming pool volley ball....

And a lot of laughing !!!

And more fun...

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