Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get Your Party On: Steve's Birthday & H.S. Grads

While "the gangs all here" we decided to celebrate all recent and upcoming significant events!
We got our-party-on at Las Casuelas Nuevas, complete with Mariachis playing...and everything!
The celebrations included: Tabitha & Natalie's HS graduation and Steve's 55th Birthday.... read all the way to the end for the surprise ...
...and with our guest of honor, every one's fave Uncle Steve....
Natalie & Tab open HS graduation presents...all while Bex attempts to avoid snap inclusion, whoops!
ooooh, aaaah....

best gift?....Lip Smacker from Linda Mc?

Double click on this picture of Linda, below, to read the notes about her Lip Smacker presentation....

More party pics.... ~>
Chuck & Karla Van Kull

The awesome & sweet spirit of this group of young people is simply wonderful; they are a delight and privilege to know and be around. God speed at school this year everyone!
Missy & Becca Rogers; Tab & Courtney Smith; Kirk, Claire & Natalie Van Kull.
are they laughing at (with) the adults again?

Tim & Linda Smith
Lori & Karla

Becca Rogers; Tabitha & Courtney Smith

Kirk & Karla

Claire, Natalie & Kirk Van Kull

What on earth is happening here..... if you know, please don't tell me!!
Our guys: Chuck, Rick, Tim, Steve & Kirk....

I like this one too....
And if all that party action wasn't enough for you....
Richard asked Lori, in recognition of their 25th - Silver - Wedding anniversary on 8/27/08,
to renew their vows!!!
Lori & Rick Rogers

(there was a bachelorette party happening next to us, so we borrowed the bride's tiara for a few quick pics of our anniversary couple, How cool was that?!)

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